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About Us

We teach Seibukan Shorin-Ryu, a traditional karate discipline that encourages students at every stage of their life. 

Benefits of Karate


Build Strength, Coordination, and Discipline   *   Gain Flexibility   *   Increase Self-Control

Learn Self-Defense   *   Increase Energy   *   Lose Weight   *   Be Healthy




Principles of the Dojo
The Dojo Kun, or principles of the dojo, is one of the most important elements of Seibukan training. We do not believe it is sufficient to only train the body; one must also train the mind and develop character. Seibukan's most important aspect is to add quality to life through improvement of one's health and character. The Dojo Kun is the foundation for molding the Seibukan student into a valuable contributor to our society.



Dojo Kun
To strive for the perfection of character
To defend the paths of truth
To foster the spirit of effort
To honor the principles of etiquette
To guard against impetuous courage



Karate Oath
I promise to uphold the true spirit of Karate-Do and never to use the skill that I am taught against any persons except in defense of myself, my family, or my friends in the instance of extreme danger or unprovoked attack, or in support of law and order.

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