Karate Master Makes Big Impact in Flowood

In June 1962, Hanshi Zenyro Shimabukuro opened the first Seibukan Karate dojo in Jagaru, Okinawa.  Fifty years later, his son Zenpo Shimabukuro celebrated that tradition at the National Seibukan Shorin-ryu Training, held June 2012 in Flowood.

Hanshi Zenpo started training when he was 9 years old. He was encouraged to train harder as a result of the larger boys teasing him, due to his small size. Years later, his father sent him to the U.S. to train in karate and learn English, which inspired his decision to send his own son, Zenshun to the U.S. about 8 years ago. This was all part of his vision to spread Seibukan worldwide.  Today, there are Seibukan schools in 11 countries.


The annual Seibukan National Training brought together over 100 Seibukan black belts from across the nation, and also drew students from local Shotokan schools. Shimabukuro also held a kids class with over 30 young students for hands-on training. The weekend was topped off with the annual awards banquet, where Hanshi Zenpo received an award from the U.S black belts congratulating him on the 50th year of Seibukan. 
The Seibukan USA 2013 National Training and Hall of Fame Awards Banquet will be in Coal Mountain, Georgia, June 6 - 8th.
Rank Advancements
On April 8th, 2013, the following students advanced in rank:
  • Kevin Binkney, Purple Belt
  • Eric Chen, Green Belt
  • Jasmine Nguyen, Blue Belt